Off the Shelf with Author Kathy Manos Penn

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / May 8, 2024 /

May’s Off the Shelf is with Kathy Manos Penn Author, creator of the Dickens & Christie cozy mystery series set in the quaint English village of Astonbury and features intelligent,…

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Show Don’t Tell By Cherie Claire

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / August 22, 2023 /

It’s so easy (and a writer’s first inclination) to tell readers what’s happening in the story, to lay out the action and the character’s thoughts in simple terms. But the…

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The Tantalizing Voices In This Writer’s Head By Ann Hite

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / June 9, 2023 /

As a four-year-old child, I saw pictures in my mind, static scenes. Of course I didn’t understand, I was already a writer before I even put a story on paper.…

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Alert! By Lance S. Barron

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / April 10, 2023 /

“Did you see that?” “What?” As a writer, you’re probably the one saying, “Did you see that?” A fellow Air Force sergeant that I met on a remote Army post…

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Overcoming Fear of Beginnings, My Love Story with First Lines By Katherine Nichols

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / February 28, 2023 /

If I don’t post this blog before he breaks down my door, no one will ever know the truth. John Steinbeck once shared that writing first lines of a novel…

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Freelancing: How to Sell to Local Periodicals By Linda Sands

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / January 30, 2023 /

We’ve all seen them, the free periodicals on racks by the door of the bar, restaurant, gas station or grocery store. They might be glossy magazines pimping high-end real estate…

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Here’s The Story By Mary Dutta

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / December 26, 2022 /

Sometimes people tell me they could never do what I do. It’s not that I possess remarkable athletic or musical talent. And I’m not magical or a superhero. I write…

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Welcome to Our New Website!

By Sisters in Crime Atlanta / October 24, 2022 /

Welcome to Sisters In Crime Atlanta’s new home on the internet. I encourage you to take the time and browse around. Since I was graciously allowed to write our first…

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Sisters in Crime Atlanta

By Liz Tully / September 19, 2022 /

Welcome to the new Sisters in Crime Atlanta website! We hope you’ll take a few moments and click through, visit our membership page and learn about our organization. See our…

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